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Carl Medley

Blog entry by Carl Medley

Installing Google Analytics 4 On Your Course Creativ Website - Course Creation With Course Creativ

Google Analytics 4 and Course Creativ

  Starting July 1, 2023, Google will cease processing data through standard Universal Analytics. If your reliance is on Universal Analytics, it is advisable to transition to Google Analytics 4. To facilitate this transition, install the Google Analytics 4 app. No worries. It's already built into Course Creativ! Introducing Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the cutting-edge analytics tool succeeding Google's Universal Analytics (UA). Google Analytics serves the primary purpose of tracking and storing user interactions on your site, utilizing "privacy-first" tracking, cross-channel measurement, and AI-driven predictive data analysis. Key Advantages of Google Analytics 4

  1. Harnesses Google's Machine Learning: Utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically extract insights from your data, enhancing marketing performance.
  2. Comprehensive Customer Lifecycle Insight: Provides a holistic view of your customer journey, spanning from acquisition to retention, by amalgamating data from both web and app platforms on a large scale.
  3. Future-Ready Design: Engineered for durability and adaptability, GA4 can seamlessly adapt to your business needs. It functions with or without cookies and incorporates modeling techniques, enabling you to understand customer behavior even with missing data points.

For in-depth information on Google Analytics 4's reporting and exploration capabilities, please explore further. Important Points to Note

  1. Limited E-commerce Tracking: Our GA4 integration monitors page views but does not track e-commerce transactions. For e-commerce tracking, integrate with Google Tag Manager.
  2. Data Sync Timeframe: Kindly be aware that it might take 24-48 hours for data synchronization between Google Analytics 4 and your Course Creativ Site.

Setting Up a Google Analytics 4 PropertyOption 1: Initiating Analytics Data Collection (For New Users)

Option 2: Adding Google Analytics 4 to a Site with Universal Analytics (Analytics "Classic") Utilize the GA4 Setup Assistant to incorporate a Google Analytics 4 property alongside your existing Universal Analytics property. Your Universal Analytics property will continue to collect data until its retirement on July 1, 2023. Both properties can be accessed via the property selector in the Admin area. Please note that Universal Analytics will be phased out starting July 1, 2023.  

How To Integrate Google Analytics with Course Creativ

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