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Carl Medley

Blog entry by Carl Medley

How do I create a course - Course Creation With Course Creativ


I. Compile Course Ideas

The creation process must include research, creation, sales, and marketing. You should spend as much time on marketing your digital products as you do creating them. Bear this in mind when you choose the best digital tools for your course ideas.

Choose a few topics that you know you can talk about conversationally.


II.  Do your market research to ensure that there is a demand for the course that you plan to market


Tools For Market Research

Market research is a necessity. There is no point in launching a course unless it generates demand. Test your course ideas before you spend time and effort on a product that doesn’t sell.


1. Facebook

Due a search for your topic on Facebook (look for pages and groups), to see if your topic is viable. Meaning is someone else already teaching.

2.  Google Trends

Google Trends will show you how popular a phrase has been over a period of time.

3. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is part of Google AdWords. Here you can analyze the volume of monthly searches and the forecast competition for the words. High demand with lower competition will offer you the best chance of succeeding in that niche.


III. Create Your Course Outline and Content for Launch or Pre Sale


 The Outline

  1. Create bullets, milestones, of your course or VSL or webinar etc. These milestones will become the outline.
  2. Once you’ve created your outline, voice record the content. The goal is to expand on each bullet item . Do not try to sound good. When you mess up, just pause for a few seconds and pickup where you left off.
  3. Upload your voice recording to or and they will provide you a transcription of your content. Once you receive the transcript, don’t mess with it or even look at it because you’ll notice lots of run-on sentences in the transcripts etc. They will probably look terrible.
  4. Immediately, go to FIVERR and pay to have the transcripts edited. Go under the writing section and just choose someone who has a good rating. Be sure to ask them to “make it as conversational and easy to read as possible.”
  5. Now you have the meat of the course, VSL or webinar.
  6. If you don’t have Camtasia or Screenflow you can to go to Click on the screen recorder link in the footer of the website.Now you have created your slides for your course, vsl, or webinar.


    IV. Creating Your Course


    Canva is a great design tool for beginners or creators who are not all that tech-savvy. Use it to create pamphlets, brochures, e-book covers, and the like. Use the templates as a foundation to create your own personalized artwork.

    Even if you only use the free version of Canva, you’ll have access to many templates, images, and free photos. If your online business requires more advanced features to market or create your product, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro-version and pay a subscription.

    Powerpoint and Keynote are also great tools to create your slide presentation. The great thing about PowerPoint is that you can add-on Camtasia and Ispring (SCORM Course Designer), and have it all integrated!


    V. Video Content Tools


       1.  OBS Studio

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other                        providers.

       2. Quik

The mobile app, Quik, takes pictures from your gallery and splices them together into a video. You can also edit the creation to suit your brand.

        3. OpenShot

Use the intuitive video editor, OpenShot, to create and edit powerful video content. It’s free to use.


VI. Online Course Creation Platform


Course Creativ

Now it’s time to take your course online. Course Creativ is a full LMS (Leaning Management System) that give you all of the tools for your course production, sale and marketing without you having to be tech savvy. Create content such as videos and .pdfs or Interactive Content to offer the most engagement and fun to your customers through H5P and SCORM.

Course Creativ also automatically creates your course enrolment page for marketing and selling. Your online course can include video content, audio products, books, .pdfs. powerpoints, interactive quizzes and much more. Course Creativ has a unique feature which are called enrolment keys that allows you to sell your course from any CRM tool and other platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.


VII. Email Auto Responders and CRM tools


There are many marketing automation platforms out there developed for email automation, landing pages, forms etc. You will need a CRM tool for your marketing funnels. Which one you choose will depend on how much horsepower you need starting off. So since I don’t know your budget or tech savvy, I will list some paid and free tools that you can checkout.

Here some options you can choose.

MailChimp​   (FREE)
Mailerlite    (FREE)
Odoo   (FREE)
Active Campaign
Keap (formely Infusionsoft)
Camtasia (SCORM)



Creating online courses is easier than ever, especially in light of all the tools available you can use. Ultimately, the objective is not just to create a course. The course is what will allow you to become a thought leader in your niche or niches and significantly increase your brand value.



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