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Discover the power of your earning potential with Course Creativ™, – where we’ve simplified your income structure for maximum ease and consistency.

Your recurring payout of 40% is based on all active accounts that are generated through your affiliate ID.

Experience the beauty of dependable, recurring income.

Replace your traditional full-time earnings with the steady flow of affiliate commissions from Course Creativ™.

Rev Up Your Earnings: Cruise to Success with Course Creativ!

Polaris Slingshot R

Any month you have 30 Active Course Creativ Pro accounts = a Bonus of $750/month!

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This promotion is for a 30 Day Trial of Course Creativ.

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Note: Each customer has the ability to upgrade or downgrade their plan after their 30 day trial, so the monthly payouts would adjust to the plan that they are currently on.

Basic – $97 (Your payout monthly: $38.30)
PRO – $197 (Your payout monthly: $78.80)

Features of the Course Creativ Platform

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Online Courses Using A Real LMS

Harness your expertise and unlock a profitable new income stream by monetizing what you know!


Produce a stunning website to bring your vision to life. With Divi and Elementor tools, you can customize the perfect online presence for your business or personal project.

Sales Funnel

Leverage your online presence to drive real results and transform web visitors into paying customers.

E-Commerce Store

Tap into the potential of today’s digital marketplace and give your products greater exposure with an online store! Offering both physical goods with shipping services or downloadable content, Course Creativ can help expand your profit margins in no time.

Shopping Cart

Make checkout for your ebooks, training courses, or organic oils a breeze with smooth and speedy payment processing!

CRM and Live Chat

Create meaningful connections with your students or leads and foster loyalty that will turn them into advocates for your products.

Subsriptions and Memberships

Memberships are the perfect solution for powering membership associations, online magazines, elearning sites and more.
This feature-packed plugin ties together content access control and member discounts to offer a comprehensive site-wide membership package.


Unlock the Power of Affiliates and Watch Your Online Course Sales and Products Skyrocket!

Email Marketing

Connect with your audience and foster relationships through meaningful engagement. Making a lasting impression is all about creating genuine connections!

Landing Pages

Make the most of your website or funnels with tailored landing pages that give visitors an eye-catching introduction and a great first impression.

Your Customer Support

Give your customers the best possible customer service experience with our powerful support ticking system.

Facebook E-Commerce

Easily connect your eCommerce’s with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Drive sales with just one click!


Showcase your skills and establish yourself as an authority in the industry through a captivating blog.

Project Management

Effortlessly get your team to complete all the projects timely with its time tracking tool and generate an advanced performance report with its built-in reporting feature absolutely hassle-free.

Appointment Setting

Make it easy for your customers to book appointments with you! Streamline the booking process by allowing them to make their arrangements directly from your website.


Take your webinars to the next level.
You can conduct either a Live or Evergreen event, allowing you to increase reach and engagement potential while minimizing effort on your part.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Do You Also Sell Physical Products? Then our Enterprise Resource Planning Feature Is For You!
Make sure your inventory is up to date.
Keep track of stock movements and adjust levels automatically, create purchase orders effortlessly, and stay informed of product margin data – all in one user-friendly platform.

Funnel Workflows

Streamline your team’s productivity with an automated workflow specifically designed to maximize efficiency in business processes.

Call Button Integration

Your website visitors can now make direct contact with your business more easily than ever before – simply through the convenient Click To Call feature.

Social Media Management

Automate posts to save time, analyze performance for valuable insights into audience behavior, manage multiple platforms from one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a Course Creativ account to join the affiliate program?

Nope, it’s not mandatory! However, we’re cunningly persuasive – we recommend you take a spin on our 30-day free trial rollercoaster. No credit card necessary. You can signup and give the system a whirl here. 

Remember, knowledge is like that secret sauce that makes everything better. The more you understand our platform, the smoother your sales pitch becomes. Trust us, you’ll be amazed by the unique features that make Course Creativ™ truly spectacular!”

Do all Course Creativ Accounts qualify for affiliate payout?

Let our affiliate program speak for itself. Here’s why:

Our program is meticulously crafted to deliver maximum benefits to every user—no exceptions!

The best part? Every account you sign up automatically qualifies for affiliate payouts.


When will I get paid my commission?

Commission payouts occur on the 1st and 15th of each month. The minimum payout amount must be at least $100 in Commissions to be paid. Your commission is paid directly to your PayPal account.

Where is the Course Creativ ad creative?

Everything you need to market Course Creativ as an affiliate is located in your portal.

So inside your Affiliate Portal, you get all the ads, copy, banners, emails, graphics, tools, and your personal Affiliate ID Links for each product promotion.

You also get your own ‘sticky cookie,’ so you never miss out on a sales commission!

What is the cookie duration?

180 days

How much is commission?

As a Course Creativ™ Partner, you will receive a 40% lifetime commission for any new referral that stays active past their trial period.

Does Course Creativ Use The "last click operations"?

Yes. Simply put, if multiple Affiliates send the same person then the last Affiliate will receive credit for any purchases.

What happens if I don't qualify for the Slingshot tier the following month?

If you decide to use your bonus to buy any vehicle, you’ll need to make sure you pay for this month’s stuff by yourself. But don’t worry, if things don’t work out this time, you can give it another shot next month.

Just remember, it’s important to be really careful when you decide to buy or rent something, so you don’t run into any problems.

Do I have to purchase a SlingShot when I qualify with 30 active PRO users?

No. You will directly paid your bonus and you can spend it however you’d like. We just know Slingshots are awesome toys!