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🚀 Course Creation Has 4 Pillars

1. Creation of the Course – How To Create A Course That Will Sell
2. The Marketing – Webinars, Bootcamps, Challenges
3. The Sales – Ads ran on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.
4. The Technical  – How Set up Your Course, Website, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels etc,

Owning BrainBrew A.I. Academy means you’ll not only learn the strategic creation of your course but also receive detailed guidance on its technical setup, how to create your webinars, and how to use Facebook and Instagram ads to sell your new course. All 4 Pillars of Course Creation in a Box!

Upon completing Module 12 of BrainBrew A.I. , your course will be ready for sale. You will learn how to create your webinar to market your course with WebinarBrew and sell your course with SocialBrew await you. 

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  I’m breaking the mold. No more half-baked guidance! With over a decade navigating this industry, I’ve seen the smoke and mirrors.  I’m not just selling courses; I’m fostering a community of thriving creators at Course Creativ™, the leading course creation platform on the planet – built by course creators for course creators! 🌎.

🚀 I’m Invested In Your Long-Term Success

Here’s the thing: unlike those who merely teach course creation, I’m invested. If I can empower you to become a thriving course creator, you’ll keep using my platform for crafting and selling your courses. It’s a genuine quid pro quo—instead of someone taking your quid and leaving you quo-less!

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1. There’s no waiting.
2. You get instant access to everything on this page.
3. This is a full-fledged course.
4. BainBrew A.I. Academy comes with project plans, instructional videos, supplementals handouts and more,  so you’ll be able to implement fast.

Ready to revolutionize your approach to course creation? Grab 3 Months Of Course Creativ™ and BrainBrew A.I. Academy. Begin your course creation journey right now. 


Hey, I’m


I teach new entrepreneurs and business owners how to brand, build, and launch their own influential courses.

Im the founder of the course creation platform Course Creativ™ and instructor of best selling courses: BrainBrew™, WebinarBrew™ and SocialBrew™, on my education site, coolsmedley.com and I’m thrilled to be your guide on this exhilarating journey of course creation mastery.

With over a decade of experience tucked under my belt, I’ve made it my mission to empower new entrepreneurs and business owners in branding, building, and launching their influential courses.

Armed with cutting-edge A.I.-powered content creation techniques, monetization strategies that pack a punch, and growth secrets to outshine your competition, I’m here to ensure you stand out and conquer the online course creation scene with absolute flair.

Why Am I Giving My Flagship Courses Away? I Feel It’s Time To Change How This “Learning Business” is conducted. That’s it.

Together, let’s embark on this adventure and create a course that not only leaves learners raving but also boosts your income along the way. Join me, and let’s unleash your course creation genius, setting you on the path to extraordinary success!

Inside this program

12 modules/swipe files/weekly coaching sessions.

The Overview

Unlock course creation possibilities with my ChatGPT’s overview, revolutionizing content development for impactful learning experiences.

Note: We use A.I. to assist you with the heavy lifting. Not replace you! This is not a get rich quick while doing zero work type of course.

ChatGPT Overview and Course Creation Walk Through Part 1 and 2: In these comprehensive walkthroughs, we delve into the functionalities and capabilities of ChatGPT specifically tailored for course creation. Part 1 provides an overview of ChatGPT, highlighting its natural language processing capabilities and how it can be harnessed to streamline course development. It demonstrates how to leverage ChatGPT to generate course outlines, lesson plans, and engaging learning objectives.

Part 2 takes a deeper dive into ChatGPT’s features, showcasing its ability to assist in creating interactive and dynamic course content. It explores how ChatGPT can help course creators design engaging quizzes, interactive assignments, and personalized learning experiences for their students. With practical examples and step-by-step instructions, this walkthrough equips course creators with the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage ChatGPT effectively in their course creation process.

Project Planning

Navigate your course creation journey confidently with our project plans for BrainBrew, WebinarBrew, and SocialBrew, offering expert guidance and support at every step.

Ensure a seamless course creation journey with our comprehensive project plans for BrainBrew, WebinarBrew, and SocialBrew. These meticulously designed plans provide step-by-step guidance, empowering you with the support and direction needed to navigate every aspect of your course development process successfully.

Generating The Idea

Liberate your mind from the stress of course idea generation as AI becomes your creative partner, empowering you to effortlessly craft engaging educational content.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to alleviate the stress of generating course ideas. Our innovative approach utilizes AI technology to provide you with a seamless and efficient process for conceptualizing and refining your course ideas, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional educational content without the burden of idea generation.

Validation and Course Structure

Elevate your course creation with strategic idea validation and strategic structuring, enabling transformative and impactful learning experiences  for your students.

Embark on a personalized exploration of course idea validation and effective course structuring techniques, empowering you to align your passions with market demand and create a cohesive learning experience.

Gain confidence in validating your course idea and learn how to thoughtfully organize your content to deliver a meaningful and engaging educational journey.

Creating Your Course Outline

Personalize your course creation journey by meticulously crafting your course outline, setting the foundation for an immersive and engaging learning experience.

Immerse yourself in the art of course creation as you personalize your journey by meticulously crafting your course outline. With careful attention to detail and thoughtful organization, you’ll create an engaging and tailored learning experience that resonates with your students’ needs and aspirations.

Pricing Your Product

Find Your Perfect Price: Navigating the Intricacies of Course Pricing to Deliver Value and Accessibility

Navigate the intricate world of course pricing on a personal level, carefully weighing the benefits your course offers, the time and effort you’ve invested, and the desire to create an accessible and valuable learning experience for your students.

Creating Your Course Content

Amplify Your Impact: Leveraging A.I. to Create Personalized Course Content that Reflects Your Voice

Embark on a transformative journey of course creation, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to craft engaging and personalized content that preserves your authentic voice, teaching style, and expertise, revolutionizing the way you deliver an unparalleled learning experience to your students.

Recording Your Course Content

Unleash Your Inner Presenter: Master the Art of Personalized Course Recording for Engaging and Impactful Learning

Embark on a transformative journey of course creation as you unlock your inner presenter, mastering the art of recording your valuable content with personalized strategies that exude confidence and authenticity.

Embrace the power of simplicity and elevate your course delivery, empowering yourself with effective techniques that capture your expertise with clarity, impact, and a touch of professionalism, ensuring an engaging and transformative learning experience for your students.

Creating Your Sales Materials

Crafting Your Authentic Sales Materials: Personalized Strategies for Captivating Your Audience

Delve into the art of creating sales materials that truly resonate with your audience on a personal level.

Discover how to craft irresistible lead magnets that speak directly to their needs, select visually captivating course images that evoke emotion and connection, utilize the power of A.I. to generate compelling headlines, subheadlines, and course descriptions that reflect your unique voice, seamlessly integrate your newly created content to deliver a cohesive learning experience, and personalize A.I.-generated materials to infuse your course with authenticity.

Elevate your marketing efforts and forge meaningful connections with your audience through personalized sales materials that showcase your expertise and passion.

Placing Your Content ON A Platform

Learn step by step how to leverage the power of Course Creativ ™ to drive course sales, automate sales funnels, and host engaging live events with ease.

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency of Course Creativ, the market-leading Learning Management System (LMS) that empowers you to effortlessly place your valuable content on the perfect platform.

From generating webinars and sales funnels to managing projects, automating your sales experience, hosting live events, and beyond, Course Creativ becomes your all-in-one solution, allowing you to run your entire business seamlessly from a single platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple tools and embrace the simplicity of Course Creativ—a true business in a box.

Creating Your Sales Landing Pages

Master the Art of Funnels: Create Persuasive Sales Landing Pages in Course Creativ ™ .

In the “Creating Your Sales Landing Pages” module within Course Creativ, you will personally embark on an empowering journey of mastering the art of sales funnels.

Through an in-depth overview of various funnel types, you will learn step by step how to leverage the power of Canva Templates to design visually appealing landing pages.

Additionally, you will discover the secrets to creating highly effective opt-in funnels to capture leads and compelling sales funnels to drive conversions. By immersing yourself in this module, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to create persuasive sales landing pages that resonate with your audience and fuel the success of your online courses.


We Leverage Course Creativ ™ To Streamline and Enhance Customer Onboarding:  Automate Your Onboarding Process, Deliver Exceptional Experiences, and Set Your Students up for Success.

Optimize your customer onboarding process and create a positive, engaging experience for your clients.

Automate your new customer onboarding sequence to ensure a smooth transition for new students, providing them with the necessary information, addressing their concerns, and setting clear expectations for your course.

By acclimating them to your business and getting them up to speed on your course, you can enhance client retention and satisfaction.

Achieve these results

When you complete this program this is what you can expect to achieve


AI-powered course creation for engaging content.

Harness the potential of AI technology to create and develop your courses, allowing you to generate innovative and engaging ideas, structure your content effectively, and deliver a truly impactful learning experience.

Seamless customer onboarding automation for retention.

Seamlessly automate your customer onboarding process, ensuring a smooth and positive transition for your clients, setting the stage for long-term engagement, and maximizing client retention.

Persuasive sales pages and AI-generated tools for promotion.

Optimize your sales strategies by crafting persuasive landing pages, utilizing proven techniques, and leveraging AI-generated tools to create compelling headlines, engaging subheadlines, and persuasive course descriptions.

Expert guidance on captivating course content.

Master the art of recording and delivering your course content with expert guidance, employing effective strategies that captivate your audience and infusing your own unique voice into the material.

AI-driven insights for course outline and pricing.

Develop a comprehensive course outline and pricing strategy that aligns with market trends and meets the needs of your target audience, leveraging AI insights to make informed decisions and maximize the value of your offerings.

Streamlined course creation with Course Creativ tools.

Streamline and enhance your course creation journey with Course Creativ ™ tools that automate various processes, from generating webinars and managing projects to personalizing content and hosting live events, empowering you to create, promote, and sell your courses with efficiency and confidence.

WebinarBrew picks right up where BrainBrew leaves off. You will learn the 5 pillars of webinar creation and how to set everything up technically in order to effectively market your course using webinars.

 What You Will Learn:

1. Module 1: The Core Structure

Unpack the essential elements of impactful webinars: promise, story, strategy, and promotion, enabling the creation of purposeful content.

2. Module 2: Live Webinar Setup

Master the technical aspects of hosting live webinars, from choosing tools to setting up engaging features for optimal participant engagement.

3. Module 3: Post-Webinar Strategies

Explore post-webinar replay tactics and content repurposing techniques to extend the influence of your webinar beyond the live event.

4. Module 4: Evergreen Webinars

Learn to craft and optimize evergreen webinars for continuous audience engagement and ongoing impact in your niche.

Master the technical aspects of hosting live webinars, from choosing tools to setting up engaging features for optimal participant engagement.

By The End Of This Training You Will Be Able To:


Craft Compelling and Structured Webinar Content

You’ll gain the expertise to create captivating webinar content structured to resonate effectively with your audience. You’ll understand the art of storytelling and strategic planning, enabling you to craft engaging narratives that keep your audience captivated from start to finish. This outcome ensures that your message is not only impactful but also structured in a way that ensures audience retention and engagement.

Develop a Blueprint for Engaging Webinars

You will be equipped with the tools to construct a comprehensive blueprint specifically tailored to captivate your audience.

You’ll learn how to integrate storytelling techniques and strategic elements into this blueprint, ensuring your webinars are impactful, purposeful, and resonate deeply with your audience. This outcome allows you to create a strategic framework that guarantees your message is delivered effectively, leaving a lasting impression on your viewers.


Gain Confidence in Live Webinar Setup and Management

You’ll emerge with the confidence and technical expertise needed to flawlessly manage live webinars. This newfound proficiency allows you to navigate the technical setup with ease, ensuring seamless live event experiences for your audience. Mastering the right tools and engagement strategies empowers you to curate engaging live webinar sessions that keep your audience captivated and involved throughout the entire event.

Enhance Post-Webinar Impact Through Effective Strategies

You will have invaluable insights into post-webinar strategies that extend the influence of your webinar content far beyond the live event.

You’ll have the ability repurpose webinar content effectively, ensuring sustained audience engagement and prolonged influence. This outcome equips you with the tools to maximize the impact of your webinars by leveraging content effectively across various channels, ensuring your message reaches a wider audience and maintains its influence long after the live session.


Mastery in Creating Evergreen Webinars

Unlock the secrets to crafting evergreen webinars. Automate impactful content delivery to ensure continuous audience engagement and sustained lead generation.

This outcome allows you to harness the power of evergreen webinars, providing you with a strategic advantage by creating content that remains relevant and influential over extended periods, attracting and converting leads even when you’re not actively hosting live sessions.


Optimize Evergreen Content for Ongoing Impact

Module 5 doesn’t stop at creating evergreen content; it guides you on how to continuously refine and enhance this content.

You’ll learn strategies to optimize and improve evergreen content, ensuring it remains influential and effective in engaging your audience. This outcome empowers you to evolve and adapt your content to changing audience needs, ensuring your message continues to resonate and drive results within your niche over the long term.

Master the Art of Facebook & Instagram Ads with SocialBrew’s Expert Guidance

Picking up where WebinarBrew leaves off, you will master the art of using Facebook and Instagram ads to promote your newly created webinar.

What You Will Learn:

– Facebook Advertising Essentials: Master ad objectives, targeting options, and diverse ad formats for precision in every campaign.

– Page Optimization Expertise: Maximize engagement and expand reach by unlocking business page potential through optimization.

– Advanced Analytics Mastery: Dive deep into advanced analytics with the Meta Account, refining strategies for unparalleled success.

– Precision Conversion Tracking: Implement Meta Pixel with step-by-step precision for accurate campaign optimization based on conversions.

– Tailored Campaign Mastery: Craft campaigns with precision using custom conversion events for specific objectives, maximizing impact.

– Synergized Platform Strategies: Explore Instagram’s potential and synergize Facebook and Instagram strategies for amplified results.

– Unified Ad Management: Seamlessly integrate Facebook and Instagram for streamlined cross-platform advertising efficiency.

– Captivating Content Creation: Craft ad content that captivates, resonates, and boosts engagement and conversion rates.

– Engagement Strategies: Elevate engagement and conversions through impactful Facebook Live sessions, leveraging effective techniques.

– Enhanced Live Experiences: Utilize tools and strategies to enhance live sessions, ensuring an unforgettable audience experience.

– Maximized Reach through Repurposing: Repurpose Facebook Live content into engaging ad campaigns, maximizing reach and impact.

By The End Of This Training You Will Be Able To:


Masterful Ad Campaigns

I start you from point zero as if you have never heard of Facebook and Instagram ads! You’ll craft strategic and impactful ad campaigns that resonate with your audience. Achieve precision in targeting, compelling content creation, and optimized strategies that elevate your brand’s presence.


Optimized Online Presence

Your business page and online presence will be finely tuned for maximum engagement and extended reach. Expect an optimized platform that magnetizes your target audience effortlessly.

Insight-Driven Strategies

Dive into advanced tracking and analytics with confidence. Expect insights that refine your strategies, guiding you towards more effective advertising endeavors.

Conversion Tracking Mastery

Accurate conversion tracking will be at your fingertips. Master the Pixel with precision, allowing you to fine-tune campaigns for optimal outcomes based on data-driven insights.

Tailored Campaign Expertise

Crafting campaigns tailored to specific actions becomes second nature. Custom conversions will empower you to optimize campaigns effectively, aligning them with precise objectives.

Synergized Platform Mastery

Seamlessly manage unified ad campaigns across platforms. Harness the synergy between Facebook and Instagram, leveraging both for amplified results and unified ad management advantages.

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Who Is This For?

✔️ Are you aspiring to make a meaningful impact with your expertise? Discover the gateway to significant business influence through crafting courses and nurturing a dedicated audience.

✔️ Escape the tedium of one-on-one client work and embrace a future brimming with scalability and diversified income streams.

✔️ You’ve excelled in empowering others; now, channel that wealth-building expertise towards your own financial success.

✔️ No more aimless trial-and-error. Courses offer a precise, confident path to launching your ideas into the world.

✔️ Envision learning alongside ambitious, driven individuals. By mastering course creation, you attract success and elevate your expertise.

✔️ Your expertise is not just knowledge; it’s your business waiting to flourish into an automated course. Reach a wider audience, magnify your impact, and surge your income to new heights.


Seize this moment. Begin your journey in crafting courses, join the realm of online education, and pave your way to financial prosperity.


Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to this program?
As soon as you click the “Get BrainBrew Now” button and create your Course Creativ account to access the course.
How is the content delivered?
The content is delivered with video and you are provided supplementals to download to aid you.
What if I need support?
There are weekly live calls to assist you and your success. If you need further assistance you can open a support ticket from inside your dashboard.

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